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2010 So far… Part 1

19 Feb

There have been a few heavy things on my mind since 2010 began. I have a strange obsession with numbers; specifically even numbers and 2 and 5. So 2010 looked as if it had all the potential to be a great year for me. I graduated in December and it seemed like every relationship and path in my life was going in the right direction. Well, people disappoint, and life throws you curve-balls so it’s time for me to spend a series of posts explaining myself not only for my sanity, but to possibly help you through a few tough times if and when they present themselves.

The first topic I want to address is health. My personal health is in great shape, thankfully *knock on wood*. But I’ve found that the health of others, especially those close to you, weighs heavily on your emotional well-being.

My mom’s best friend is her closest friend since middle school. Needless to say, our families have grown up together and developed a close bond. When 2010 began, my mom’s best friend’s son went to the hospital to see if he had a sinus infection. A sinus infection diagnosis lead to a chest pneumonia diagnosis lead to a chest ‘cloudy spot’ diagnosis lead to a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma… attached to his heart, lungs, and spread throughout most of his chest… diagnosis. He’s a senior in high school. It’s not good.

I don’t think I need to spell out how devastating a cancer diagnosis is. I also think you can imagine how painful it is to see someone so young and otherwise relatively healthy, go through cancer treatment. What I wish I could spell out however, there are no words for.

I cannot for the life of me express how heart wrenching it is to call just to say hello to someone and hear physical, excruciating pain in their voice. Its world shattering, and I hope you never have to experience it.

Reality is though, you probably will. Everyone knows someone with cancer and its devastating effects can be seen worldwide. People cannot hide from it, and as of right now, we cannot stop it. While I hope my blog posts inspire you to think about something, today I am going to ask you to do something. Michigan State University’s Relay For Life is coming up in April and I’m on the committee as the public relations chair. More importantly however, I am attending the event in honor of some very dear people in my life. If you can, I ask that you please donate to the American Cancer Society and join in the fight against cancer. You can do so by becoming involved in a local Relay For Life, or by simply donating to my team on my Relay For Life fundraising page. No matter what you chose to do, thank you.

To sum, health is often taken for granted. Sometimes, we beat up our bodies and are shocked and disappointed when they get hurt. Other times, out of the clear blue, a fluke trip to the doctor can shatter your world. Never take something or someone for granted and value your interactions with everyone because when the day comes that health has an adverse affect on yours or a loved one’s life, you will feel it. Both physically and emotionally.

MSU Relay For Life 2009