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Living La Dolce Vita

27 May
View of the Pantheon outside.

View of the Pantheon from outside

 Living the sweet life… over in Rome 🙂

I must apologize right off the bat because my blogging was planned to much more superior than it seems it will be. The second day in Roma, our apartment computer broke and I left my laptop in Michigan. Therefore, the only access I have to a computer is at the American University of Rome’s computer lab and honestly, I don’t plan on spending my time in a lab when I could be walking Rome!

So for my family, who will mostly be reading this, here is what has happened thus far…

I was on time and on the plane by 4p.m. (our scheduled leave time) however, Janet, a woman who decided to eat only one strawberry all day, delayed our flight because we needed to bring her back to the gate minutes before departure. We left about an hour late and delayed our connecting flight in Amsterdam but eventually landed in Rome at 3:30a.m. your time. Once there, the group of students I flew with (about 25 of us) managed, for the first time ever with this study abroad program, to wander our way out of the airport without getting our bags or going through customs. Let’s just say, that wasn’t an easy fix but made for an interesting story!

Pasquino: Rome's Twitter

Pasquino: Rome's Twitter

Once in Rome, we got to our beautiful apartment and settled in. My roommates and I decided to venture out into the streets to find a market and stock up on a few things. We walked, naturally, to the furthest one and of course, got lost on our way home. We eventually found a cute little restaurant, Eden Pizzaria, got directions and meandered our way home. Later that night, as ironic as irony could be, our group dinner was at Eden Pizzaria and it had the most amazing pizza I have ever had. I could tell you all the fancy italian words and names I’m learning, but really I know that you want to know how I am, not hear me showing off!

The second day was filled with more walking, seeing a ton of Rome, and taking in as much history that one day could hold. Today classes began and we have the afternoon to ourselves so we’ll see where the night takes me. Apparently, bugs are far and few between here so our great big windows are always open with an amazing breeze. I’ve never slept so soundly before.

Things to note:

  • I’ve uploaded all my pictures to Snapfish, it’s easier than Facebook and everyone can see! I’ve been tagged on Facebook though so be sure to check there as well.
  • Authentic Italian food really is amazing
  • Gelatto really is AMAZING
  • Rome really is BEAUTIFUL
  • I miss you all terribly and I wish I could have packed each and every one of you in my suitcase.

My heart is at home with you, keep it safe. Check back often. Ciao!