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Tu Non Capisce Niente

30 May

My computer access has been limited lately therefore, my story telling ability about my Roma adventures is lacking. I’m going to try to relive my first week here for you because I feel there are a few things I need to tell you. Bare with me.

Roman Writing in the Capitoline

Roman Writing in the Capitoline

The title of this post “Tu Non Capisce Niente” means in Italian, “you don’t know anything”. Please do not be offended, I’m merely stating the fact that us, as Americans, are handicapped and therefore oblivious to the true wonders and beauty of our world’s history.

America is, as Susan Sanders (our hilarious, and incredibly intelligent professor) has put it, 10 minutes old in comparison to the age of Rome. We have no ancient ruins, no buried stories, and certainly no long standing empires under our feet, at least not as a united country. I’ve had the privilege this past week of seeing some of the most glorious architecture and learning some of the most fascinating stories. Rome certainly wasn’t built in one day.

To summarize, I’ve become familiar with the streets of Trastevere, seen the Pantheon, viewed the Roman Forum (with more to see), shopped in Via del Corso, toured the Capitoline Museum, marveled in front of the Spanish Steps, made a promise to return to Rome at the Trevi Fountain, and of course, fallen in love with gellato. This was my first week, I’ve done a lot, but there is so much more to come. Nonetheless, I can promise you that I’ve learned more about respecting our roots, our history and appreciating it’s purpose in this past week, than I ever could have by staying at home. I beg you, even if you have to be like me and take out a butt load of loans, GO ABROAD. Study, travel, work, vacation… whatever reason you need, get on that plane (oh, and make sure you get your bags and go through customs, it’s a pain otherwise).

I really did not know anything about true appreciation until I began to see the things I am seeing this week. Tu Non Capisce Niente no more. I promise you, it will be the best decision you will ever make.

Group on roof of AUR

Group on roof of AUR

For pictures: Snapfish

And remember, I love you and miss you, more than you know.

To Mom, Dad, and Krystal: I’m coming back here, and I’m bringing you with me. Wish you were here. xoxo