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Rainy Day in Roma

1 Jun

Let’s start with yesterday. For me, yesterday was a rough day and I cherish my roommates for putting up with it. Our professor, Becky, told us that we might hit a wall after the first few days here. Specifically around day 4. Yesterday was day 6 and that was my wall. Which, by the way, I have you to blame for.

It’s enough that I’m in a foreign country and scared out of my mind, but when it comes to those I truly love, none of you are here with me. Well, minus AubZim of course. I miss my family, my friends, and yes, my puppy, much more than I was prepared for.

Maverick, Bebe, and KaCee

Maverick, Bebe, and KaCee

Looks like she’s having a hard time without me at home, huh? Ha.

Anywho. I miss you. Moral of the story. I am having the time of my life here in Rome. I’m seeing amazing things, learning incredible things, and most of all, I’m IN ROME! Hard to believe the first week has gone by already and I only have 5 short weeks left. This week ended with a rainy day but that’s good for the city. Washes away all the dirt and leaves everything fresh and clean. It fit my mood lately though, and along with the dirt, washed my wall away.

Tomorrow is Rome’s National Holiday the Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic. Therefore, pretty much everything will be closed. We’ll be going to the national parade in the morning, and hopefully the beach in the afternoon. Expect more from me soon. As if I haven’t said this enough, I miss you and I love you tons.

XoXo Ciao!