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Part 2: Wings in Roma Recovery

15 Jun

I had originally planned for a Stanley Cup celebration post but things happen, and instead, I’m going to tell you about my weekend in Tuscany! We started by leaving early Friday morning and going straight to a beautiful hillside in Trequanda for a wine tasting. I spilled wine all over Justin’s shorts, felt pretty embarrassed the rest of the day and that’s all I feel like mentioning about that. The lunch there was amazing, the bus ride almost made us late for dinner,  and the dinner wasn’t great but tolerable to say the least.

Friday night, I watched the game in my bed from my supposed “4 Star” hotel room and went to bed pretty depressed. It didn’t help that everyone else’s rooms seemed to be two to three times the size and luxury of mine and Aubrey’s but hey, I’m in Italy, it takes more than that to ruin a weekend. Saturday we woke up early to take yet another long bus ride to Florence where we took a tour of the city then had the entire afternoon to get lost and spend money we didn’t have. I got a few good souvenirs and a gold charm of Italy for my necklace. Besides the charm, I spent very little money on myself this weekend and I’m impressed at the amount of self control I exhibited. That’s rare and I probably will splurge in France and during my last week here but oh well. Oh and in case you do come to Italy and you are interested in getting something leather, get it in Florence. My grandpa told me that’s where the good leather market is and boy, was he right. If you walk the streets of Florence, you will see tons of little markets all inevitably filled with leather, scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, and tons of other little knick-knacks. Well worth walking around for.

We took yet another long bus ride back to Pisa, where our hotel was, and showed up just as dinner was starting. Ate, got ready, had some drinks on the roof of the hotel a.k.a. the boys balcony and went out for a while. Toured Pisa the next day and finally got the key chain I’ve been wanting for a decent price.

Holding the Tower, Cheesy I know.

Holding the Tower, Cheesy I know.

I must admit that I wasn’t that impressed when I saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa when we rolled in on that Friday evening. I didn’t think it looked very tall or that it seemed to be leaning too much… until Sunday. I was actually pretty nervous to stand next to the tower after realizing how much it really does lean. I didn’t want to pay the 15 euro to climb the stairs of the tower but after my professor told me how cool it was, that’s the one thing I regret not doing. He said that as the stairs twist up the tower, one side is harder to walk up than the other because of the lean and that the stairs are warped and worn weirdly because of the force of gravity on the one side. If you ever come to Pisa, pay the money, climb the tower.

 To sum up, the Red Wings losing to Pittsburgh was a tough blow to take, especially when I was laying in bed in a crappy hotel room but the rest of my weekend somehow managed to make up for it. It was hot, I was sweaty, and I’m pretty damn sick of taking tours. However, Tuscany really is as picturesque as all the pictures make it out to be and I had a wonderful time.

Still missing you more each day, and I’m over half way through this trip. I’ll see you sooner than you think! Take care, sending my love from Roma again. Ciao! XoXo