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Reconnecting in Roma

16 Jun

You know how people who work out always seem to just feel good about everything? I forgot what that feels like, til now. Tonight Aubrey, Maeve, Alex and I went for a run in the big nearby park just as the sun was setting. Mind you, I haven’t really ran since senior year of high school during track. I haven’t really gone to a gym and I haven’t really noticed how lazy I’ve become over the last three years.

Yes, we did not run the whole time and yes, I did stop more than the other girls, but I still did it. We did some ab work after we ran and made plans to do this again during our trip. I can honestly say that tonight is the first time in a long time that I have really, completely felt just plain good.

Just before I came to Italy, my boyfriend and I of almost four years called it quits. I also found out that I am graduating early, and my roommate and best friend since kindergarten, is now engaged. I packed up my life and I moved across the Atlantic Ocean for a few weeks of my summer before senior year, and I think I realized tonight what a pivotal point in my life that this really is. I’m almost a college graduate and I’m not completely happy with myself yet I have no reason to not be.

I’m going to try to start running again, I think that will be the first step to a much happier and healthier me. I’m so excited to get into shape! But I think I’m more excited that this trip is proving to be the biggest life changing experience I’ve ever had. I want to get back in touch with the things that truly make me happy in life.

Not everyone needs to leave the country to reconnect with themselves, but if you aren’t happy with where you are in life, you should be. You have no reason not to be. Take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and make the changes you want to. Maybe you need to remove yourself from your life, even if for just a moment, and observe. I promise you, you will see things so differently.

Oh, and if you can, go for a run. You will feel like a million bucks! Just my overly optimistic mood jumping out for a bit, hope I can make it last!