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Amor Roma

4 Jun
Missy, Aubrey, and I with a great view

Missy, Aubrey, and I with a great view

Have you noticed that Amor is Roma backwards? Adorable, isn’t it? Our cultural professor, Susan Sanders, pointed that out to us yesterday. Yesterday was a very good day. My roomies morning class was canceled so they got to sleep in and the sun was out, so I got to work on my tan! Class came around and everyone has a touch of a cold or, as Becky says, the “sneezies” so class was pretty relaxed as well.

Polyphemus, the cyclops aka Me

Polyphemus, the Cyclops aka Me

 After class, we had a private tour of Villa Farnesina or better known to our group as “The Love Shack”. Villa Farnesina was built by a very rich man for his mistress and all of the frescos (the paintings on the walls and ceilings) tell stories of the love lives of the Roman gods. It was built around the same time as the Sistine Chapel and is in beautiful condition. This tour, unlike our others, was framed around the idea of telling a story throughout each room. I volunteered to do some readings and ended up getting the part of Polyphemus, a hideous, hairy cyclops who has the hots for a sea nymph that is completely uninterested. Nice.

The private tour was a nice break from the same old history lessons we’ve been receiving and I highly recommend visiting Villa Farnesina during your trip to Rome. It’s right by Trastevere which has an amazing little panini shop, MangiaMo!, which I also strongly recommend visiting. Rome is, after all, a city of love, so where better to visit than a mansion built by love for love?

Today we are visiting the Roman Forum and the Coliseum (also Collosseum) after class. Pictures and tales to come. Tomorrow morning, we are boarding a bus to leave for Pompeii for the weekend. We will be climbing Mount Vesuvius if the weather holds out, touring the ancient city of Pompeii, and of course, hopefully catching some rays on the beach Sunday!

I think I’ve settled in nicely over here, but of course, you know I miss you more than anything. Keep checking back, updates will come as often as possible. Also, I’ve updated my Facebook and Snapfish accounts with loads of pictures!! Tuesday was Rome’s National Republic Day and we went to the parade, check out all the awesome pictures from that!

Arrivaderci Amori! Goodbye Loves!